Feast for the Mind, Body & Senses

Do you need to submit, be in the presence of a highly intuitive and sensual Dominatrix in Orange County? Relinquish control and go on a sensual journey that will stretch your boundaries and let you discover your new limits in a safe environment. Each experience is a unique intimate encounter, exploring different facets of BDSM play.

I will help you release your fantasies in a non-judgmental atmosphere, probing your deepest desires & emotions, bringing to light your cherished secrets. I will coach you through letting go, in order to bring out your best.

Originally from Russia, with a pronounced Eastern European accent. I am fourth generation Dominant. The wars in Eastern Europe claimed the bravest men, while only the strongest women survived back at home. My female line thrived, but my great grandmother was the one that truly established a matriarchal family. Currently my mother lives the life of a dominatrix sailing around the world.

As for me, I spent most of my adult life in a business suit, being a CEO of two companies. Throughout my boardroom career I’ve learned to operate and control a male dominated environment. BDSM play was always a hobby, but I am finally able to devote and indulge in the Domination world fully and deeply.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced sub, I invite you to immerse yourself in my realm of infinite possibilities and escape the common existence. Smell the candles burning, see the silhouette in dim light, anticipate the touch of the skin, feel the adrenaline rising. Submit!!!

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Ball Busting
Boot/Shoe/Feet Worship
Dog/Pony Training
Electric Play
Energy Play
Face slapping
Food Play
Hair Pulling
Human Furniture
Maid and Slave Training
Mummification (saran wrap)
NT (nipple torture)
Nylon /Pantyhose Worship
Online Sessions
Selective Age play / Infantilism
Sensory Deprivation
Sensual Tie & Tease
Slave Training
Wax play

Hard Limit is a prohibited activity.  I expect My limits to be read, understood and respected.  Violating a hard limit is considered a just cause for ending a scene and never be invited back.  It matters little what other ladies consent to, read carefully what I will not do.

My hard limits are:

  • No nudity on My part
  • No sex or illegal activities
  • No strap-on or anal
  • Nothing involving minors or animals
  • No body worship above the knee
  • No face-sitting or queening
  • Nothing that ends in -job
  • I do not switch


Top 5 differences: Independent Dommes versus ones working in a Dungeon.

Both new and experienced subs at some point ask themselves: should I meet with an Independent Dominatrix or one that works at a Dungeon?  There are pros and cons to both. Making that decision depends on your situation, interests, security concerns, and of course personal preference. Both are viable: both have people who are experienced, ethical, and beautiful.  And both have people who will mishandle your information and treat you badly.

  1. Experience: As a general rule Dommes working at Dungeons tend to be less experienced (except for the owner/manager).  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a negative. The best Mistresses I know started working at a Dungeon.  This is where they learn from more experienced Dommes, where they learn safety, rules, and expand their horizons.  There are exceptions, but let’s talk about natural progression: Dommes often graduate from working for someone and either go Independent or start their own Dungeons.

 Just because Independent Dommes tend to be more experienced doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole class of them that have zero to minimal experience.  And these are the Escorts that simply added an angle of BDSM to their repertoire.  We are not here to judge, actually I know some Dommes that started as escorts or dancers and made a spectacular transition, my point is simply for the reader to be mindful of these differences.

  1. Equipment: professional Dungeons tend to have more toys, furniture and equipment.  Independents don’t have the scale and sheer volume of clients to support the space and toys.  Many Independent Mistresses have access to large Dungeons, you just have to ask.
  1. Tribute: An Independent Dominatrix is a business owner and has to handle everything that comes with it: advertising, screening, website maintenance, scheduling. Dungeon Dommes have the luxury of just showing up and leaving at the end of the shift.  The pay reflects the responsibilities.   Dungeons usually split tributes 50/50.  It’s a fair trade for taking away the headaches and supplying space, equipment, and customers.
  1. Nudity/Sexual Acts: Dungeons advertise heavily therefore their locations and nature of business is known not only to clients but law enforcement. They have to be more careful or they get busted. Very often commercial Dungeons have a policy of absolutely no sexual acts, going as far as ‘panties stay on’.  Granted I’m writing this from a point of an Independent professional Dominatrix in Orange County.  Knowing the legal landscape in Southern California, my policy is for zero sexual context but I know that most Independents are more lax with their rules.  Overall a sub will get to sexual activities faster with an Independent than with a Dungeon Domme.

Now I want you to think about the following: sexual acts in exchange for compensation are illegal, this includes any kind of penetration.  Legal ramifications for being caught are enormous financially, judicially and personally. If you contact a Dominatrix asking for a sexual act and she agrees, you think great for me: you cum during a session and move on with your life.  Except the record of you asking and her agreeing remains, even if you don’t get caught chances are she eventually will.  So by finding a Dominatrix  that agreed to your sexual request, you just subjected yourself to a tremendous liability.

  1. Personal Information. Let’s follow the liability string.  Now that I got you thinking let’s look at how your personal information is handled. Both groups need to screen but how do both groups handle your personal info?  Who is more likely to get into big trouble: an agency booking many appointments for many Dommes, or an Independent Dominatrix who is only booking for herself?  Which is more likely to draw unwanted attention? If an Independent Mistress gets into trouble, well that's a pain in the ass but it’s a small problem for her and pretty much no problem for you, plus it rarely makes headlines. If a Dungeon gets into trouble it can be and has been national news! People who have been patrons of such places have seen their names official documents and in national and local newspapers. It’s splashy, sexy news and will always get ratings.

Yes, I’m a Dominatrix and I love scaring subs shitless, but I also want you to decide for yourself what you might want to see and take everything into account about how each operation works. Nothing is fool proof, but when you consider each business model on its merit you can make an informed decision about what is best.


Mistress Vlada

Orange County California

Spending time in the company of a Dominatrix is the dream of many men. Whether you are living in Orange County California, vacationing, or traveling for business, it can be difficult to meet such a woman. Simply not knowing where to find a sophisticated and strong woman of great beauty and strength can make it seem almost impossible to realize your dream. In addition, you want the Dominant woman you submit to, to be creative and intuitive enough to understand your desires and take you to that intense subspace.

With Mistress Vlada, you can finally make those dreams a reality.  Vlada possesses qualities that you desire most: strength, beauty, and more than anything supreme dominance.  In fact, professional Mistress Vlada is only an email away from making your wildest dreams come true. Whether you work with Her for a day,  several weeks, or you have the need to be dominated for just few hours, Pro Domme Vlada is here to provide guidance. While Mistress Vlada believes She offers her submissives the most thrilling experience in Orange County, She is always excited to find new and uncharted opportunities to explore new dreams and desires.

Have you ever fantasized of spending the day in complete servitude indulging your Mistress’s every whim. Well, Mistress Vlada can make it happen. Whatever you are looking for, as long as it’s legal and within Her boundaries, She will make it happen for you. Submissives from all over the world call every day looking for that special fetish that they need to indulge in with an understanding of a beautiful dominant woman, so what are you waiting for? Emai lMistress Vlada

Dominatrix Vlada is your premier source for the wildest dreams becoming a reality in Orange County.   She has been practicing the art of BDSM for over 10 years and she welcomes the opportunity for you to entertain her and at the same time fulfilling your needs.  You can be at her doorstep with a guarantee that she will be one of the hottest women that you have ever been in the same room with.

Mistress Vlada knows the world of kink too well, and understands that kink and fetish belong in her dungeon where you can safely indulge in her wild desires.  Dominatrix Vlada knows that sometimes there are things that stand between you and that perfect experience and She is here to take down those obstacles and make your dream more attainable. Whether it is foot, pet, electric, wax play or sensory deprivation, sissification, bondage, sensual tie & tease, caning, flogging and a million of other variations She is here to take you under Her control and lead the way. At the same time, She makes things safe and easy so that you have to worry about nothing more than what your dream is.

Dominatrix Vlada can and will take care of everything. She can choose what would amuse her most on a particular day and tell what you need to do to make her happy, no guessing all you have to do is fully give yourself and submit within Her safe limits. This is great for those fairly new to BDSM and do not really know what will light their brain on fire. Mistress Vlada can take you places that few people are able to venture.  At the first meeting you can discuss where you would like her to lead you.  Take your time and enjoy the experience, weather it is a day or an hour – this time will be one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Saving your relationship

Those with fetishes need an outlet and our society isn’t open enough to accept our darkest kinks.  The best thing about sessioning with Dominatrix Vlada is that she will allow your kinks to come out in a safe environment. There is no need to go through the embarrassing and difficult ordeal of explaining to your significant other what your fetish is. Mistress Vlada understands dark desires and more often than not, will take it up a notch. Professional Mistress can easily take the burden of fulfilling a dream without endangering your current relationship especially if it’s a marriage.

Absolute Discretion to Protect Your Privacy is guaranteed.

Mistress Vlada is completely committed to discretion and the protection of your privacy.  Specifically because she has a business world to deal with Herself and understands better than anyone what there is loose.  This commitment to protecting you and helping you to achieve your dream starts when you contact her for the first time. Mistress Vlada will never reveal to anyone that you contacted her. She will never share that contact information with anyone else under any circumstances.

Your privacy is of utmost importance. Your fetishes and dreams are entirely your business. Vlada’s FemDom sessions are legal and she takes great pride in that, but she also knows that you don’t necessarily want your family and friends to know you came to see a Dominatrix.  Mistress Vlada is skilled and experienced at keeping your confidence. Not only she would never reveal to anyone else that you have seen her, she would never discuss the kinky things you did for her.

Have you considered more than one Dominatrix?

You may not realize it, but one of the dreams Mistress Vlada can offer is the ability to submit to more than one beautiful Dominatrix. Give some serious thought regarding taking advantage of this offer. Every man has the fantasy of being with more than one woman. It often taps into your longest held fantasies and desires about having several Mistresses control and dominate you.

Professional Dominatrix Absolutely Beats Amateur Experience

Are you still wondering if you can hit send and ask for a session?  You aren’t used to providing tributes, here’s a secret: a Professional Dominatrix is always safer and better than experimenting with an untrained partner.  What it comes down to is: you have one body and when you give up control and entrust it to someone else they better know what they are doing.    One wrong move can cost you dearly in terms of embarrassment or health.  Technique is present in absolutely everything Mistress Vlada does: from how tight the rope is and for how long it should stay on;  to where and how to flog or cane; how to warm up the skin so you can take more than you could ever imagine; and how far humiliation can be taken.  The mind is a very weak tool and it can be easily influenced by someone with experience, this ability comes with responsibility and when you go into a deep hypnofantasy session you have to safely come out.  Mistress Vlada will take you to the highest peaks and safely bring you down.

Looking for an amateur BDSM partner on one of the social sites often does not produce safer results.  It takes time, effort and in the end it’s not guaranteed that she will indulge in the same fantasy as you.   Fetish social sites take precious time that none of us have, the value of your time far superseds the amount you would spend on a session.

A session with Dominatrix Vlada solves a lot of problems.   It is the submission to a beautiful dominant woman without all the hassle and pitfalls associated with traditional dating. Not only is it much, much more convenient to see a Professional Dominatrix because you discuss specifically what you have been dreaming of, but when the session is over – you are safe and can return to your normal life. There’s no mess, there’s no fuss, and you don’t have to worry about your secrets coming to light! It’s just that easy. Mistress Vlada takes control and leads you to indulge in your fetish. She gives you the ability to truly enjoy yourself again, while making this adventure a very safe one.

Seeing a Professional Dominatrix

Every sub and fetishist has a horror story to tell when it comes to the baggage and stigma of their particular fetish.  Kink is not accepted by the society, let’s be honest:  your dark desires are just a factory for drama.  If you divulge your kink to a vanilla person you will be judged one way or another, and you just signed yourself up for worries and problems. Either you are with a vanilla or an amateur you are walking on glass, lots of things go wrong from psychoses to blackmail.   None of us should have to deal with anything like this.

Professional Dominatrix Vlada, by contrast, is here for you in Orange County or Los Angeles. She’s here to allow you to loose yourself. She brings none of the drama or baggage to the table. And when the session is complete, you are left satisfied and fulfilled knowing that your dreams are coming true. This is the beauty of a session with Professional Dominatrix.   Mistress Vlada is far superior to an amateur. You owe it to yourself to secure the services of a professional right away. Don’t wait, and don’t forego your fantasies for another minute. Achieve the enjoyment you have always wanted and that you didn’t think was possible. That is the experience and the value that Mistress Vlada always adds.

Increase Your Confidence with in vanilla world

There’s another really good reason that you should consider submitting to Misstress Vlada if you are in Orange County or Los Angeles: Mistress Vlada is great for your confidence. Think about how difficult it is to focus on submitting fully when you are in the company of a female that doesn’t know exactly what she wants. Most men find it very, very hard to concentrate when it comes to guessing what your partner wants. Learning from Mistress Vlada you will start intuitively learning what women want, she will teach and make sure you learn how to please a woman.    This will automatically give you confidence you need to deal with the real world, Dominatrix Vlada has seen it time after time.

No matter how scary or unusual something is at first, the more you do it, the better you become at it. Once you start understanding what confident women want you will start to naturally attract them. Book a session with Mistress Vlada today! Take the shortcut to becoming exactly the kind of man that would attract a strong and adventurous woman. Mistress Vlada helps you to help yourself.

Book a session now

Professional Domination Session will make your real life marriage or partnership  better.  Let’s face it living in a full time DS relationship is very difficult in practice.  Most people practice BDSM only from time to time, when the circumstances permit.  BDSM is our escape, our way to let go but eventually we have to get back to the real world.  Statistically it’s rare to find a partner that is on the same page as you in your kinks, more often than not they will have different fetishes or not at all.  If the play is not natural to your partner eventually it will become taxing and quickly they will become disinterested, even resentful.  Same as you would hate to have someone put their baggage on you, your partner will resent your kinks being placed on their shoulders.  In their mind – this is your baggage.  All of this can be solved with occasionally indulging in your kinks with a professional Dominatrix.  Imagine how much headache these trips will solve for you, your partner and your life in general.

I will have to admit that there is a portion of Pro Domes out there, that are simply escorts and decided to add aspects of BDSM to their repertoire, let’s put these aside for a moment and concentrate on true FemDom.  These are the individuals that started out as amateurs and transitioned into professional field.   These Professional Mistresses bring years of experience and passion for the trade with them.  Everyone makes mistakes, but these mistakes were already made and will not be repeated on you.  Mistakes and mishaps can be from mild and inconvenient to very costly.  Guess who will take the full burden of FemDom mistake?  If course it will be the submissive, these mishaps can be avoided by sessioning with a professional Dominatrix.   These mistakes can be marks on your body that shouldn’t be seen by family or at the gym, or worse more permanent damage.  A sincere advice is to circumvent this disaster and book a Pro Dominatrix session.  As you have seen on this website Mistress Vlada brings many years of experience and yes mistakes have been made, but they were made on someone else.  You will be safe to indulge in your fantasy to the fullest.

Even finding someone on kinky social websites,there are too many downsides to meeting someone randomly.  There are no guarantees when you meet an amateur through a social site. You don’t know what you’re getting, you don’t really know how they will behave, and there’s really no guarantee that you aren’t being laughed at from the get go. You’ve probably heard about people who meet through one of the fetish sites where the relationship blows up in very unexpected ways, the worst of all is you get exposed. Is that really how you want to conduct your private life… to say nothing of the risky personal behavior in which people on kink hook up sites are likely to engage? It just isn’t a good trade-off when you consider that the alternative, booking the time of a beautiful and professional Orange County Dominatrix.

Mistress Vlada offers you safety, unmatched satisfaction, and high quality experience, weather it is spanking, tie and tease session, sissification, electric play, hypnosis, pet or slave training and much much more. Instead of settling for whatever you can find or attract, instead of going through the painful amateur game process, you can contact Dominatrix Vlada through this website and book a session of your lifetime.

Submit to me NOW

Become the Man You’ve Always Wanted to Be: Understanding Evolutionary Psychology

Sounds strange, but it’s true: Dominatrix Vlada can make you a better man.  I am not just talking about your ability to attract strong, desirable women, either. I’m talking about your ability, developed through spending time with a true Dominatrix, to achieve your goals and dreams in every other area of your life. Wouldn’t you like to achieve a greater degree of success in everything that you do? Wouldn’t you like to become a “smooth operator” when you interact with other people? These are all factors affected by confidence. Your confidence as a man is what marks you as a male that is comfortable in any situation including a very dominant female.  Comfort with your submission,will make all the difference in the world, and can lead to eventually attracting the right woman in your life. No, confidence can’t solve all your problems, but without it, you simply can’t get very far in your life. A man that is comfortable in his own skin, is very much valued by strong women.

Why are more and more men turning to Pro-Dommes? It’s because they understand the deck is stacked against them in ‘traditional’ BDSM relationship. This stacking of the deck isn’t something that was done consciously by anyone. It’s a function of what’s called evolutionary psychology, which is the study of how our genetic history, our evolution down through the years, affects how we behave. Evolutionary psychology has a lot to do with how women and men interact and there is not a lot that can be done to change it. Thousands, even millions of years of human development have caused men and women to behave in very specific ways. While we are all capable of making our own decisions, the fact is that our evolution, and our genetic heritage, has a lot more to do with how we make decisions than we would like to think it does, and this has specific, direct bearing on how women choose the men in their lives. As a good deal of your life up to now has been spent trying to get into the company of strong women, especially beautiful women, this is very relevant to your needs and interests. It also has a great deal to do with how fast you learn to behave in a presence of a Professional Dominatrix, and how this training can affect your ability to achieve your goals and dreams.   Together with Mistress Vlada you can set your goals and she will help you (maybe kicking and screaming) to achieve them.

Consider This:

All men have the genetic urge to carry on their bloodline, to propagate their genetic material in the form of having children. Back in ancient times, when human beings had almost nothing to sustain them and no real resources to keep them alive, the strength and ability of the mother to bear strong children made the difference between keeping the bloodline going or dying off.

You see, men can have sex with several women but only the children with a strong female will survive to adulthood.   It’s in the male genetic nature to be attracted tothe healthiest, strongest and most attractive women in the tribe because these were most likely to survive. The healthier and the stronger the mother was, the greater the chance the child would be healthy, and the lower the chance the child would die during childbirth (or the mother, for that matter). Men are therefore genetically preprogrammed to find toned, fit, healthy and strong women very attractive for this very reason.   If you find strong and dominant women attractive, know that centuries of genetic programming are on your side.

When you see a dominant woman your attraction to her is subconscious, because that is how your brain is programmed. When you look at the beautiful photos of Mistress Vlada, when you look at her long legs and toned stomachs and the curves of her hips and rear end, why is that sexy to you? Why do you look at those pictures and get turned on? It’s because those images, those expressions of the healthy female body, are talking to your genetic heritage. They’re speaking to what is preprogrammed in your brain, telling you what is sexy even if you’re not aware of it.

Confidence is something you either have or you don’t. So how do you go about cultivating confidence, that supremely important quality that marks you as a desirable mate for an alpha female and helps you to be more successful in nearly everything in your life?  Book a session with Mistress Vlada now. Most men find strong and very beautiful women intimidating. You will have the privilege of spending time with one of the top Pro Dommes in the country; this will give you confidence that will allow you attract the strong female of your dreams.


When you schedule a session with Orange County Dominatrix Vlada, she completely understand if you’d like your time to remain discreet. You can count on your Mistress to protect your privacy.

FemDom Birthday Celebration

Birthdays are special days and ought to be celebrated as such.  Each year is different and thus should be remembered by a beautifully and intricately placed strike.  Each year should be marked by a different implement: just as in real life some years are a bit duller, some feel stingy.  In the beginning of the celebration you get more guidance: breathing deeply, bringing blood closer to the surface.  Remember, how much guidance you received when you were growing up?  Build up and growth are both slow, only gradually does the pain increase.  The years get tougher as you grow up, so does each stroke of the birthday beating.  Implements get harsher, some will break skin, others will make you scream.  Birthday boy will go through several mindsets during the birthday session.  Fear at first, fighting the pain, hating it….. suffering, screaming, pleading, begging.  Then something snaps, and you endure – you take everything that comes.  Time slows, you slip into a space that is airless and liquid.  You hear the whip fall, but don’t feel that pain associated with it.  Floating, disconnected from the body, watching from above.  Minutes pass, maybe hours – who knows…. Enjoy your gift.

Mistress slows down, sting of the whip turns into caress.  Your Mistress’s embrace feels hot. Your own body isn’t your own.  Only the feeling is left, the feeling of the embrace, feeling of another body.  Touching cell to cell, soul to soul – Happy Birthday my boy.