Feast for the Mind, Body & Senses

Do you need to submit, be in the presence of a highly intuitive and sensual Dominatrix in Orange County? Relinquish control and go on a sensual journey that will stretch your boundaries and let you discover your new limits in a safe environment. Each experience is a unique intimate encounter, exploring different facets of BDSM play.

I will help you release your fantasies in a non-judgmental atmosphere, probing your deepest desires & emotions, bringing to light your cherished secrets. I will coach you through letting go, in order to bring out your best.

Originally from Russia, with a pronounced Eastern European accent. I am fourth generation Dominant. The wars in Eastern Europe claimed the bravest men, while only the strongest women survived back at home. My female line thrived, but my great grandmother was the one that truly established a matriarchal family. Currently my mother lives the life of a dominatrix sailing around the world.

As for me, I spent most of my adult life in a business suit, being a CEO of two companies. Throughout my boardroom career I’ve learned to operate and control a male dominated environment. BDSM play was always a hobby, but I am finally able to devote and indulge in the Domination world fully and deeply.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced sub, I invite you to immerse yourself in my realm of infinite possibilities and escape the common existence. Smell the candles burning, see the silhouette in dim light, anticipate the touch of the skin, feel the adrenaline rising. Submit!!!

Fill out the Session Request Form to book your appointment with Orange County Dominatrix and let the games begin.


Ball Busting
Boot/Shoe/Feet Worship
Dog/Pony Training
Electric Play
Energy Play
Face slapping
Food Play
Hair Pulling
Human Furniture
Maid and Slave Training
Mummification (saran wrap)
NT (nipple torture)
Nylon /Pantyhose Worship
Online Sessions
Selective Age play / Infantilism
Sensory Deprivation
Sensual Tie & Tease
Slave Training
Wax play

Hard Limit is a prohibited activity.  I expect My limits to be read, understood and respected.  Violating a hard limit is considered a just cause for ending a scene and never be invited back.  It matters little what other ladies consent to, read carefully what I will not do.

My hard limits are:

  • No nudity on My part
  • No sex or illegal activities
  • No strap-on or anal
  • Nothing involving minors or animals
  • No body worship above the knee
  • No face-sitting or queening
  • Nothing that ends in -job
  • I do not switch


Top 5 differences: Independent Dommes versus ones working in a Dungeon.

Both new and experienced subs at some point ask themselves: should I meet with an Independent Dominatrix or one that works at a Dungeon?  There are pros and cons to both. Making that decision depends on your situation, interests, security concerns, and of course person... Read more