Dominatrix & Genetic Attraction

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All men have the genetic urge to carry on their bloodline, to propagate their genetic material in the form of having children. Back in ancient times, when human beings had almost nothing to sustain them and no real resources to keep them alive, the strength and ability of the mother to bear strong children made the difference between keeping the bloodline alive or dying off.

You see, men can have sex with several women but only the children with a strong female will survive to adulthood.   It’s in the male genetic nature to be attracted to the healthiest, strongest and most attractive women in the tribe because these were most likely to survive. The healthier and the stronger the mother was, the greater the chance the child would be healthy, and the lower the chance the child would die during childbirth (or the mother, for that matter). Men are therefore genetically programmed to find toned, fit, healthy and strong women very attractive.   If you find strong and dominant women attractive, know that centuries of genetic programming are on your side.

When you see a dominant woman your attraction to her is subconscious, that is how your brain is programmed. When you look at the beautiful photos of Mistress Vlada, when you look at her long legs and toned stomachs and the curves of her hips and rear end, why is that sexy to you? Why do you look at those pictures and get turned on? It’s because those images, those expressions of the healthy female body, are talking to your genetic heritage. They’re speaking to what is pre-programmed in your brain, telling you what is sexy even if you’re not aware of it.

Attracting other Dominant Females 

Confidence is something you either have or you don’t. So how do you go about cultivating confidence, that supremely important quality that marks you as a desirable mate for an alpha female and helps you to be more successful in nearly everything in your life?  Book a session with Mistress Vlada now. Most men find strong and very beautiful women intimidating. You will have the privilege of spending time with one of the top Pro Dommes in the country; this will give you confidence that will allow you attract the strong female of your dreams.

Dominatrix problem solving

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Seems strange doesn’t it?  But it’s true, sessioning with a Dominatrix solves a lot of problems.   It is the submission to a beautiful dominant woman without all the hassle and pitfalls associated with traditional dating. Not only is it much, much more convenient to see a Professional Dominatrix because you discuss specifically what you have been dreaming of, but when the session is over – you are safe and can return to your normal life. There’s no mess, there’s no fuss, and you don’t have to worry about your secrets coming to light! It’s just that easy. Mistress Vlada takes control and leads you to indulge in your fetish. She gives you the ability to truly enjoy yourself again, while making this adventure a very safe one.

Mistress Vlada offers you safety, unmatched satisfaction, and high quality experience, weather it is spanking, tie and tease session, sissification, electric play, hypnosis, pet or slave training and much much more. Instead of settling for whatever you can find or attract, instead of going through the painful amateur game process, you can contact Dominatrix Vlada through this website and book a session of your lifetime.

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Professional Domination Session will make your real life marriage or partnership  better.  Let’s face it living in a full time DS relationship is very difficult in practice.  Most people practice BDSM only from time to time, when the circumstances permit.  BDSM is our escape, our way to let go but eventually we have to get back to the real world.  Statistically it’s rare to find a partner that is on the same page as you in your kinks, more often than not they will have different fetishes or not at all.  If the play is not natural to your partner eventually it will become taxing and quickly they will become disinterested, even resentful.  Same as you would hate to have someone put their baggage on you, your partner will resent your kinks being placed on their shoulders.  In their mind – this is your baggage.  All of this can be solved with occasionally indulging in your kinks with a professional Dominatrix.  Imagine how much headache these trips will solve for you, your partner and your life in general.

Thinking of finding someone on kinky social websites?  There are too many downsides to meeting people randomly.  There are no guarantees when you meet an amateur through a social site. You don’t know what you’re getting, you don’t really know how they will behave, and there’s really no guarantee that you aren’t being laughed at from the get go. You’ve probably heard about people who meet through one of the fetish sites where the relationship blows up in very unexpected ways, the worst of all is you get exposed. Is that really how you want to conduct your private life… to say nothing of the risky personal behavior in which people on kink hook up sites are likely to engage? It just isn’t a good trade-off when you consider that the alternative, booking the time of a beautiful and professional Orange County Dominatrix.

Become the Man You’ve Always Wanted to Be: Understanding Evolutionary Psychology

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Sounds strange, but it’s true: Dominatrix Vlada can make you a better man.  I am not just talking about your ability to attract strong, desirable women, either. I’m talking about your ability, developed through spending time with a Dominant female, to achieve your goals and dreams in every other area of your life. Wouldn’t you like to achieve a greater degree of success in everything that you do? Wouldn’t you like to become a “smooth operator” when you interact with other people? These are all factors affected by confidence. Your confidence as a man is what marks you as a male that is comfortable in any situation including a very dominant female.  Comfort with your submission,will make all the difference in the world, and can lead to eventually attracting the right woman in your life. No, confidence can’t solve all your problems, but without it, you simply can’t get very far in your life. A man that is comfortable in his own skin, is very much valued by strong women.

Why are more and more men turning to Pro-Dommes? It’s because they understand the deck is stacked against them in ‘traditional’ BDSM relationship. This stacking of the deck isn’t something that was done consciously by anyone. It’s a function of what’s called evolutionary psychology, which is the study of how our genetic history, our evolution down through the years, affects how we behave. Evolutionary psychology has a lot to do with how women and men interact and there is not a lot that can be done to change it. Thousands, even millions of years of human development have caused men and women to behave in very specific ways. While we are all capable of making our own decisions, the fact is that our evolution, and our genetic heritage, has a lot more to do with how we make decisions than we would like to think it does, and this has specific, direct bearing on how women choose the men in their lives. As a good deal of your life up to now has been spent trying to get into the company of strong women, especially beautiful women, this is very relevant to your needs and interests. It also has a great deal to do with how fast you learn to behave in a presence of a Professional Dominatrix, and how this training can affect your ability to achieve your goals and dreams.

Together with Mistress Vlada you can set your goals and she will help you (maybe kicking and screaming) to achieve them.